Erroneous email sent from NBS staging site

By laraf |

On November 11th, an email was erroneously sent to all active users of through the staging site ( The staging site is used to test deployment of new functionality, developments of new services and upgrades of the system. It is supposed to mirror the behaviour of the operational site.

Incidence between Friday 2023-10-27 and Monday 2023-10-30

By albertor |

During the weekend between October 27th and 30th, the addition of new products to our services, and stopped. The service has been restarted and new products are being served. However, it could take one or two days before we are up to date again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Cleaning of data holdings

By steingod |

The data catalogue has grown over time and through time and changing software components, gaps have emerged as well as duplicate records. In order to fix these issues and effort is ongoing to remove duplicates and fill historical gaps. Thus the catalogue content may change onwards.

This effort is accompanied by a switch of software components in some back and frontends as well as a consolidation of service components over the coming 6-9 months.