How to search

The search interface integrated in this web site allows searching by:

  • acquisition time (data collection period)
  • spatial coverage (bounding box)
  • platform (satellite platform)
  • cloud cover (only sentinel-2)
  • full text

These options are quite common in search interfaces and a search will combine the requirements specified by the user. The full text search covers multiple elements from the metadata.

Within the full text search wild cards are allowed. This implies that a user can search Sentinel-2A scenes using a phrase like "S2A*".

In the first version of the interface the temporal search is prefilled to provide data for the last week. This can be modified by the user, but it is recommended to combine this with other constraints to limit the number of results returned as no paging of results is currently implemented.

When the search results are returned, the user can decide actions to undertake. For each product listed, the user can chose to download the NetCDF or the SAFE file. Each product can be visualized by pushing the quick look thumbnail and further information on the product is retrieved through the metadata button. In order to perform a certain action on a collection of products, the product can be added to the basket by selecting the product (the tck mark in the first column) and pushing the add to basket button at the bottom of the search results. The basket is available through the menu My account at the top.