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Availability of S2 reprocessed products for 2020 & 2021

By albertor |

S2 reprocessed products for both L1C and L2A, are already available for the years 2021 and 2020 at Only SAFE format is available for now. Most of the products with old processing baseline have been deleted.

Products from 2019 are being added and will be fully available in the next weeks. 

We are working to serve these products as CF-NetCDF.

Reminder: S2 reprocessed products belongs to processing baseline N05 for years 2020 and 2021. So, users can filter by filename if necessary.

Intermittent interruption in transformation of SAFE to CF-NetCDF

By albertor |

Since 10th November we are experiencing some intermittent production of CF-NetCDF files for both S1 and S2. The origin of this issue started upstream with the ESA modifications in its services. We are now working to close that gap on colhub-archive and the creation of CF-NetCDF files.

Update on the Incident of 2023-11-10

By albertor |

As mentioned an upstream production issue to NBS is causing issues retrieving data through and

If the metadata parameters listed below are used in queries, the latest metadata found will be from 2023-11-10. To circumvent this problem use producttype and filename (with use of *) to filter products. By doing so, you will find the latest products up to date.

The following metadata are not exposed:

  • generationdate

  • orbitdirection

  • processinglevel

  • processingcenter

Incident on 2023-11-10 affecting S1, S2 and S3.

By albertor |

Since last Thursday November 10th, the synchronisation and ingestion of new products from S1A, S3B and S2 has been unstable due to problems on upstream services. This incident also affects the local production of S1 and S2 NetCDF files. We are working with upstream service providers toon re-establish nominal flow of products and catching up on delayed/missing products.

Erroneous email sent from NBS staging site

By laraf |

On November 11th, an email was erroneously sent to all active users of through the staging site ( The staging site is used to test deployment of new functionality, developments of new services and upgrades of the system. It is supposed to mirror the behaviour of the operational site.

Incidence between Friday 2023-10-27 and Monday 2023-10-30

By albertor |

During the weekend between October 27th and 30th, the addition of new products to our services, and stopped. The service has been restarted and new products are being served. However, it could take one or two days before we are up to date again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.