Colhub archive data available

By elodief |

There are now two portals available to access Sentinel data in SAFE format.

  • portal holds a 30-days rolling archive of the latest global Sentinel products (S1, S2 L1C, S2 L1C DTERR, S2 L2A, S3 and S5p)
  • portal holds Sentinel products over the Norwegian area of interest only, both historical and real-time data

So users only interested in data over Norway could only use colhub-archive portal.

Currently, the archive portal holds the following data:

  • Sentinel 1: January 2020 to present
  • Sentinel 2 Level 1C: January 2020 to present
  • Sentinel 2 Level 1C DTERR (products orthorectified with Norwegian Digital Elevation Model): June 2017 to present
  • Sentinel 2 Level 2A: July 2020 to present
  • Sentinel 3 from ESA: January 2020 to present
  • Sentinel 5p: October 2021 to present

We are still working on populating the archive portal with older historical data. We will inform when longer time series are available.

User accounts are synchronized between the two portals. So existing colhub users have access to colhub-archive portal using their colhub account. New colhub users have to register on The new account will give access to both portals.