Q3/Q4 2019 NBS deliverables

By trygveh |

Activities within NBS are progressing. In order to keep the user community informed on the future developments within NBS, an overview the upcoming near future deliverables is provided below. This plan is tentative.

  • Q3 (July - September)
    • Tutorials on how to use tools and data in satellittdata.no. Both interactive and code/tutorials.
    • First version of time aggregated Sentinel-2 products for selected tiles.
    • Reprocessing of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data in NetCDF/CF.
    • Some GUI updates in search interface for more intuitive navigation.
  • Q4 (October - December)
    • Some Sentinel-3 products will be available in the integrated search interface.
    • OpenSearch API will be implemented on discovery metadata for products in NetCDF/CF.