Near future deliverables in NBS

By trygveh |

Activities within NBS are progressing. In order to keep the user community informed on the future developments within NBS, an overview the upcoming near future deliverables is provided below. This plan is tentative.

The Sentinel-2 L1C products produced with the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from The Norwegian Mapping Authorities will be delivered in NetCDF. These are denoted with the suffix "DTERRENGDATA" in As some of you may have noticed, there are mismatches between these products and the regular Sentinel-2 L1C products.

  • February 2019
    • Both the regular and Norwegian DEM Sentinel-2 L1C products will be updated. At some point in time, all products will be reprocessed to follow the same standard. Here is a few bullet points regarding what the update will consist of, but an own post concerning this will be announced when the update takes place: 
      • Vector layers that contains information will be included (i.e. technical quality, no data masks etc.)
      • The true color image from SAFE is added as an independent layer
      • Metadata annotation files in SAFE are added as character values
      • New naming convention of projection variable.
  • March 2019
    • The search interface will be upgraded (i.e. to support more search filtering like polarization and product type.
    • An updated version of the Sentinel-1 GRD products will be available containing more information, like full text metadata annotation files from SAFE.
    • Reformatting of products, i.e. ordering products in GeoTIFF, will be possible through the transformation service.
    • Some Level-2 Sentinel-3 products will be available through
  • April 2019
    • A layered WMS representation of the products supporting transparent values will be available. Hence, large black areas where there are no data will not be visible when the zoom level is small (i.e. a large birds eye). However, to give an OK user experience in terms of time latency, the black boxes will appear when you zoom close to the products.