The blooming of Hardangerfjorden from space

By laraf |

Also this year the fjords in western Norway are giving a spectacular show which can be enjoyed from the sky. Sentinel-2 passing over Hardangerfjord at the end of May was catching the blooming of the Emiliania huxleyi algea which is turing the water inside the fjord turquoise. This alga is harmless and is found in almost all ocean ecosystems from the equator to sub-polar regions, with bools that are particularly visible in the Norwegian fjords. is providing several tools and functionalities for users to views these kind of events.

Mosaic Tool:

The mosaic tool is providing the quicklooks from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 of the last 7 days.

Check out the Mosaic tool to have a quick overview of the Sentinel-2 images over Hardanger (check Southern Norway tab),
scrolling the timeslider between the 28th and 29th of May


Visualization Tool:

You can click on the image within the mosaic tool to get more insight of the product:


Comparison tool:

The Comparison tool is giving the possibility to compare Sentinel-2 products within a selected tile for different dates and different composites.

You can also compare the images over Hardangerfjord when the algae are blooming (end of May) and any other time of the year:


Visualization of multiple products:

You can also visualize and inspect together products from different tiles to build in your own mosaic. Access the search interface and look for products. You can for example search for specific products using the full text search, you can select specific dates and select a specific region. Try for example this search:

Hardanger blooming (and press the Search button)

and add all products to your basket. Access your basket ( and choose to visualize all the products together.