How to look at the results of a search: data description

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We describe here the available information that can be found for the datasets after a search has been made. We focus here on the datasets documentation. To see how to look at the results using the map see the tutorial: "How to look at the results of a search: the map"

The list of datasets that are matching the performed search will appear below the map. A message on how many datasets have been found will also appear below the map and they can be browsed using the pagination tool


A dataset is described as show is the image below:

dataset info

Title: "Date: 2021-03-22T12:48:10.386Z, Instrument: MSI, Mode: , Satellite: Sentinel-2, Size: 706.34 MB". Right click on the title to have a new page with all details about the dataset. Click on the title to get all details as a panel on the side of the page

Project: Nasjonalt BakkeSegment, NBS

Abstract: click "Show more" to read the abstract of the dataset.

Dataset Landing Page: the landing page of the dataset on the thredds application server.

Data access:

  • Add to Basket: click this button to move the selected dataset to the shopping chart. Additional processing can be performed there. (see tutorial: "How to use the shopping cart and look at data"). To use this functionality login is required, to apply for an account go to
  • Show extended metadata: click to view a complete list of metadata for the dataset.
  • Visualize: click to visualize the dataset directly on a map (see tutorial: "XXX")
  • Download data: Direct download of the dataset in netCDF format
  • Download SAFE product: Access the original SAFE format through the interface (login is required)
  • OPeNDAP: the OPeNDAP landing page with OPeNDAP data URL and additional information.