New quicklooks in NBS

By trygveh |

We just launched a new version of quicklooks for the products in the integrated search client. The largest change compared with the previous version is the support of transparency which makes it suitable to visualize multiple products at the same time. Below you se an example of co-visualizing all Sentinel-1 images available in the area around Svalbard the 11th April 2019. The virtual mosaic is created by means of collecting scenes in the basket and then visualizing all products together in the integrated visualization tool. Hence, the mosaic is interactive such that a user can zoom in to the appropriate level for further investigation.

Virtual mosaic.
Virtual mosaic containing Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery covering area around Svalbard the 11th April 2019. The mosaic is created through the basket interface and hence interactive demonstrated with the red rectangle which is another zoom level.