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Within the National Ground Segment (NBS) two different systems are available for data discovery and retrieval. The same software as used by the ESA portals is available through the link below or through the pull down menu Get Data submenu, tagged colhub.met.no. These two systems are not directly linked currently meaning that different user accounts are used for them. In order to launch the ESA style portal, please use the link below:

Search for data using colhub.met.no

This will provide the well known user interface for expert users and serves data in the SAFE format only.

Integrated in this portal is another search interface that is still under development. Within this system data are primarily served as NetCDF through OPeNDAP. This allows subsetting of data prior to download, modification of the map projection etc. Transformations may be performed on single products or collections of products. So far only Sentinel-2 data are available through this interface. In addition to the NetCDF files, this interface also serves data in SAFE format from the colhub.met.no interface. In order to download data in SAFE format from this interface, you need a registered user in the colhub.met.no interface.

Concerning the NetCDF files offered, these are processed to a higher level than the SAFE files. All bands are interpolated to the spatial resolution of the band with the highest resolution, i.e. 10 meter. This interpolation is losssless and done using nearest neighbour, allowing users that do not want or trust the interpolation to subset data to find the original data. The software used to support this is open source and documented in FIMEX.

In order to launch the integrated search interface, use the link below or use the Metadata search option within the Get data menu. The basket referred to by the Get data menu is the basket for this search interface and is not connected to the basket integrated in colhub.met.no. You need to be logged in to access the search interface.

Metadata search

Features of the integrated search interface includes:

  • Transformation services (subsetting, map transformations)
  • OGC WMS RGB quick look composites at highest possible spatial resolution
  • Selective SAFE or NetCDF download of individual products
  • OPeNDAP access to dataset, no need to download, just access as a local dataset